About Us

Welcome to Ben Hannah Real Estate …

where commitment to excellence is not just a catchphrase, but a way of life. With an unwavering dedication to maintaining an impeccable track record and delivering guaranteed proven results, we stand as a testament to our promise of quality and success.

With a thriving legacy of over 15 years in the business world, we have not only established a successful company but also curated a business template that has stood the test of time. This experience has bestowed upon us the privilege and mandate to extend our expertise to the dynamic realm of the real estate industry.

At the heart of our success lies our collaboration with highly skilled, profoundly professional, and exceptionally accomplished peers in the field. This collaboration is not just a choice, but a guarantee – a promise that the results we deliver are not only met but exceeded. With these extraordinary individuals by our side, each project becomes an opportunity to showcase excellence in action.

Why Choose Us

  • Unmatched Commitment to Excellence:

    Our unwavering dedication to excellence is the cornerstone of everything we do. With a proven track record and guaranteed results, you can trust that our commitment to achieving the highest standards will ensure your success.

  • Proven Business Template:

    With a successful company history spanning over 15 years, we have fine-tuned a business template that has consistently yielded remarkable outcomes. This template serves as a blueprint for success, providing you with a proven roadmap in the ever-evolving real estate industry.

  • Industry Mandate and Expertise:

    Our extensive experience in owning and operating a thriving business not only equips us with valuable insights but also grants us the mandate to excel in the real estate sector. Our transition into real estate is backed by a deep understanding of business dynamics, enhancing our ability to guide you through successful transactions.

  • Collaboration with Industry Pioneers:

    Working alongside highly skilled, professional, and accomplished peers is our guarantee for success. Our partnerships within the industry give us access to a network of experts who share our commitment to excellence, ensuring that every step of your real estate journey is supported by the best in the field.

  • Proven Track Record:

    Our commitment to excellence isn’t just rhetoric—it’s backed by a proven track record of success. Over our years in business, we’ve consistently delivered on our promises, making us a trusted partner you can rely on for achieving your real estate goals.

  • Excellence in Action:

    When you work with us, you’re not just investing in a service; you’re embracing a culture of excellence in action. Through every interaction, decision, and project, we embody the principles of commitment, experience, and collaboration that guarantee exceptional outcomes in the real estate industry.

In choosing us, you’re not just choosing a partner; you’re selecting a proven path to success, backed by years of experience, a commitment to excellence, and a network of industry-leading professionals. Your real estate journey deserves nothing less than the best, and that’s exactly what we offer.

Meet The Team

Ben Hannah

Sales Representative

Introducing Ben Hannah, a trailblazer in the world of real estate. In September 2018, Ben embarked on a journey that would redefine excellence within the industry. From the outset, his dedication to achieving the utmost standards has been evident, showcased through an unwavering commitment to maintaining an uncompromising track record and delivering guaranteed, proven results.

With a unique perspective shaped by over 15 years of entrepreneurial success, Ben’s prowess extends far beyond the realm of real estate. Owning and operating a thriving company for well over a decade has not only solidified his business acumen but has also equipped him with a template for success that has stood resilient against the tests of time. This wealth of experience has bestowed upon him not only the knowledge but also the mandate to extend his expertise to the dynamic landscape of the real estate industry.

Collaboration lies at the core of Ben’s approach. Working alongside highly skilled, profoundly professional, and exceptionally accomplished peers has become the cornerstone of his strategy. With an unwavering belief in the power of collaboration, Ben knows that partnering with the best in the field guarantees results. This network of industry pioneers shares his commitment to excellence, ensuring that every endeavor is fortified by collective expertise and fortified by the assurance of success.

As Ben Hannah continues to reshape the real estate landscape, his journey stands as a testament to the fusion of experience, commitment, and collaboration. Choosing to work with Ben isn‘t just a choice; it’s an investment in the embodiment of excellence itself.

Thomas Hannah

Sales Representative

Introducing Thomas Hannah, a seasoned professional in the realm of real estate, hailing from Mississauga and proudly rooted in Milton—the place his heart considers home. Thomas aligns himself with Royal LePage Meadowtowne, a decision reflective of his deep connection to his community and his commitment to excellence in the real estate domain.

From an early age, Thomas recognized the call of a career in real estate, acknowledging the unique skill set he brings to the table. With a background in sales and a solid foundation in business education, Thomas has consistently proven his ability to navigate complex professional landscapes.

What sets Thomas apart is his unwavering commitment to excellence. His adept time management, paired with a steadfast follow-through, has been instrumental in his professional accomplishments. His exceptional people skills have played a pivotal role in establishing and maintaining positive relationships throughout his career.

Now poised for the fast-paced world of real estate, Thomas is prepared to apply his knowledge and skills. His dedication to providing a professional demeanor and high-quality service to clients remains a constant, reflecting the standard of care he has consistently delivered throughout his career thus far.

Carolina Tugwood

Sales Representative / Operations Manager

With a background in graphic design and a lengthy stint in customer service, I’ve always found my groove at the intersection of creativity and top-notch service.

My journey into real estate kicked off in 2020, starting off behind the scenes as part of the administrative crew. Navigating the ins and outs of the industry not only piqued my interest but set the stage for my next move – transitioning into a real estate agent role.

Armed with my design instincts and a dedication to providing standout customer service, I’m geared up to offer a new perspective to the world of real estate. Let’s navigate this journey together!

Jordin Coey

Sales Representative

I am eager to bring together my residential construction experience and commitment to exceptional service, to provide my clients with an exciting and well-informed real estate venture!

I have ten years’ residential construction experience, including working for Canada’s largest home builder. While working for mass-production home builders, I became well-versed with the Ontario Builder’s Code and Tarion, enabling me to provide my clients with a knowledgeable new home experience. I then took my home building skills to Muskoka, where I worked with an innovative team, to build luxury, custom cottages for clients. While building custom homes, I was able to refine my home building knowledge and skills, by understanding the importance of quality and attention to detail.

My journey through residential construction has provided me with a great passion for architecture and valuable experience. Whether you are buying or selling, I am enthusiastic to share my knowledge and expertise to best protect and serve my clients.